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Matching Wine & Food

Wine really is at its best when enjoyed with friends and great food. Here are some tips to help you when choosing a wine to serve with a meal:


Try to balance the weight of both, i.e. pair heavy, strong tasting dishes, such as game and red meat with an equally heavy wine: In most cases a red, but full-bodied whites work well too.


Dry wines can develop an unpleasant sour or bitter taste if served with desserts. Serve wines that are comparably sweet, if not sweeter for best results.


Serve high acidity wines with heavy, rich in fat dishes to negate the impact of the acid.


High-tannin wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon pair well with simpler red meats and other protein-rich foods but acquire an unpleasant metallic taste with seafood, or a bitter taste with salty dishes.